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Nx is a smart, fast, extensible build system with first class monorepo support and powerful integrations.

Analog provides integration with Nx monorepos and workspaces through a workspace preset and an application generator. An Analog application can be created as a standalone project or added to an existing Nx workspace.

Creating a Standalone Nx project

To scaffold a standalone Nx project, use the create-nx-workspace command with the @analogjs/platform preset.

Create a new Nx workspace with a preconfigured Analog application:

npx create-nx-workspace@latest --preset=@analogjs/platform

The Analog preset prompts you to provide the name of your application. In this example, we simply use analog-app. Additionally, asks whether you would like to include TailwindCSS and tRPC in your new project. If you choose to include either of them, all the required dependencies are installed automatically, and any necessary configurations is added.

Serving the application

To start the development server for your application, run the nx serve command.

npx nx serve analog-app

Navigate to http://localhost:4200 in your browser to see the application running.

Building the Application

To build the application for deployment run:

npx nx build analog-app

Build Artifacts

The client build artifacts are located in the dist folder of your Nx workspace.

In the standalone workspace layout, the analog-app's client artifacts are located in the dist/analog/public directory. The server for the API/SSR build artifacts is located in the dist/analog/server directory.

Adding to an existing Nx workspace

An Analog application can be generated within an existing Nx workspace. To generate an application:

First, install the @analogjs/platform package:

npm install @analogjs/platform --save-dev

Next, use the application generator to scaffold a new application:

npx nx g @analogjs/platform:app analog-app